Monday, October 8, 2007

Forex strategy

Famouse system strategi that professional trader used
I have copied that system from any forum forex

1. System name : Daily swing
Time Frame : 15 and 30 minute
Indicator : EMA 5
EMA 10
RSI 14
Stochastic 10,3,3

Buy signal if : EMA 5 Cross over and above EMA 10
RSI must above 50
Stochastic Turned up

Sell signal if : EMA 10 Cross over and above EMA 5
RSI must <50> 50
MACD Crossed and must >0

2. System name : MACD strategy
Time frame : 5 minut dan 15 minut
Indicator : WMA 5
WMA 13
Slow stochastic 8,3,3
RSI 13
MACD 3,34,7

Buy signal if : WMA 5 cross over and above WMA 13
stochastic turned up
RSI > 50
MACD Crossed and must >0

Sell signal if : WMA 13 cross over and above WMA 5
Stochastic turned down
RSI <50>
MACD Crossed and histogram <0 3. System name : chandlestick strategy did you know just the chart can tell you when to buy and sell with simple click. when I Look thr chandlestick chart I look if the chart is uptrend and the trend will be offer. the chandlestick will show you the pattern. just with 3 chandles you can sell or buy before your indicator tell. if you want to use the strategy, you must understand and save in your memory some of pattern. download the chandlestick e-book in the e-book download zone. enjoy....... All of trading strategy will make profit if you are dicipline to use the strategy, because decipline is a key to be a succses. 4. VOLATILE STRATEGY This strategy was not use tehnical analysis but use fundamental analysis only. this strategy only uses if news come, which that news can be do to market moving (fundamental announcements). news have 2 prospeck good news, and bad news. but that news was given to you become 1, good news. the first step is you must read the news from currency taht you want to trade. for example usd country America, you must read an America news. bloomberg, forex factory, and other are a website which given to you some news (forex calendar/routine news) that day. but you must to understand that news, bad news or good news to it currence. for the function of same news to the market moved, you can download at this site in the download zone. but the little keys are : 1. Interset Rate 2. Unemployment Reports 3. Fed speaking 4. Consumer Price Index (CPI) 5. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 6. Money Supply 7. Treasury Budget 8. Producer Price Index (PPI) 9. Retail Sales 10. Internatonal Trade


Anonymous said...

bozz your strategy is too little strategy, please update another strategy like breakout strategy, valiotly strategy and so on

Smith said...

your strategy is very minims you must update your strategy. like fundamental strategy, I request you to update the volatile strategy with bolingger bands. thanks

Anonymous said...

I have download, and trade with your candlestick strategy. the strategy was sucses un my 5 minute trade. every 1 transaction 7-20 Pips profit. thank you forex insider your strategy is profitable

Anonymous said...

Bos dipedetail dunk, kaya Money managementnya? systemnya diperanyak, biar banyak pilihan
Terus maju bos . . .

forex insider said...

terima kasih atas sarannya. sebenarnya saya sedang membuat salah satu strategi dan dilengkapi dengan screen shhotnya, dan sekarang dalam proses pengerjaan, mhn bersabar.

Anonymous said...

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Adi said...

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Anonymous said...

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